So It Begins…


Starting your first coding project can bring about a mix of emotions. From being excited, nervous and even second guessing your self about why you wanted to become a Full Stack Developer in the first place LOL. It can be very intimidating. So, If you find yourself in the same position, please know that you’re not alone!


If you don’t know what you’re project is about, then find out!

* Scraping(Extracting/Scraping Data)

* CLI-(Command Line Interface)

Yeah, I had no clue what those meant either! Don’t worry I put examples below:

**SCRAPING: extracting data from websites. That’s just it. You’re taking information that is out there in the internet to use for your program. What program? Well, you’ll see in a minute.

**CLI: “ System allows the user to respond to visual prompts by typing single commands into the interface and receiving a reply in the same way”. THINK APPs — You download an App, It asks a question, you answer, you get results.


-Create a new Repository

Sayyyy Whhhaaa?

Repository AKA “Repo” — “A Directory or Storage of where your projects live”….

Github is fairly easy to navigate and you can either click the little green icon on the left that says “New” or you can select the drop down menu from your icon on your account on the right and click repositories to create a new one.

  • Follow the prompts when you are creating your Github repository
  • Copy and paste the codes shown on the next page into your terminal (one by one) & run each code to set it up in your local environment ( I am using VSCode).
  • Refresh your Github page to see that the New Repository is now created.

You can now start coding!


These you need to pay attention too…apparently just hitting command s to save my work was not pushing anything to git hub...LOL..and yes, I was told I needed to commit with the git commands. However, I have "Dory" brain and I forget even if I write it down..which I did. I just keep swimming and in my defense I'm a "Noob" HAHA.

Typically you want to COMMIT your work frequently and to do this you need to follow these steps in this order in the Terminal:

1. git add . (press Enter)

2. git commit -m “with notes in here describing what changes you’ve made to your code” (press Enter)

3. git push (press Enter).

If all is well then all of your changes will be pushed up to Github. To check and make sure the changes were made. You can go to your Github repository to verify the changes. Do this frequently with NOTES of your changes INSIDE the ” “ that are helpful to you and anyone else who may look at your work.

EX. git commit -m “Modified Readme

Somethings to remember:

  • cd - Change Directory
  • ls - (That's a lower case "L") - Lists Files
  • pwd - Print Working Directory (allows you to see that you're working in the right directory).
  • mkdir - Makes a New Directory

If you know what these are then great! If not…"You're Welcome!"

Now, Go Find your API KEY…Good Hunting!

Oh, Check Out The Flow Chart to help figure out your methods!




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