Keep Going

Start with Ruby

Basic fundamentals of Ruby is what I have been told to focus on. So, simple concepts like …

text with direction
getting input from the user practicing in
object literals
template literal strings
math objects
date & times

Pair Up!

Pair programming before and after school is a must!

Code Wars

CodeWars is a great way to get used to how technical coding test will look like...sort of. I have found so far that in my two codility test for my technical part of the interview was very confusing. It’s like back in high school where you take a final and they ask a question in a way that totally confuses you. It’s good practice to read algorithmic word problems and try to solve them.

Long Journey Ahead…

I’m just going to keep coding and once I complete some projects then I’ll post up a link to them. Until then “Let the Code be with you!”…



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