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Rumiko Acopa
2 min readJun 9, 2021


A coding life…

I am now an official Software Engineer graduate. What I have learned thus far is that we really do not know exactly what we are doing most of the time. Like most coders, I am sitting at my computer desk trying to gain more knowledge by working on side projects, extra courses and putting in that extra effort to keep going with my coding journey.

Practice Makes Perfect…well almost.. LOL

Udemy is my current situation. I purchased extra courses that are definitely worth the price to just get back to the basics and spend the time to take a look at the concepts that were rushed through in school.

Start with Ruby

Basic fundamentals of Ruby is what I have been told to focus on. So, simple concepts like …

text with direction
getting input from the user practicing in
object literals
template literal strings
math objects
date & times

Pair Up!

Pair programming before and after school is a must!

I should have paired with someone as soon as I started school. They don’t really push you to find someone but don’t be shy! Everyone is there to learn and the only way to start is by speaking up and talking to others in order to find that right person or group of people that will help you learn and get your through your projects.

Pairing with a classmate/colleague is a great way to show support and motivate each other to keep going. After graduating I took some time to breathe and just not do anything. That’s all well and good until you start procrastinating getting back to coding.

Having a partner to help stay focused and do some pair coding will definitely be helpful. I think the communication skills and the technical skills gained while pairing is beneficial to getting in tuned with real world coding experience.

Code Wars

CodeWars is a great way to get used to how technical coding test will look like...sort of. I have found so far that in my two codility test for my technical part of the interview was very confusing. It’s like back in high school where you take a final and they ask a question in a way that totally confuses you. It’s good practice to read algorithmic word problems and try to solve them.

Long Journey Ahead…

I’m just going to keep coding and once I complete some projects then I’ll post up a link to them. Until then “Let the Code be with you!”…



Rumiko Acopa