class Student @first_name
enddef first_name=(name)#setter
@first_name = name
def to_s
"First name" #{@first_name}"
endrumi =
rumi.first_name = "Rumi"
#(= lets you know it's the setter)
#Trying to grab Obj.Rumi(type student class)
#Then first_name…
  • web applications
  • ios apps
  • android apps

City Info

“Big O”?…

Ruby Got Style! Say ‘Whaaaa’!!!

  • Figure out how to practice your coding in ruby playground.rb
  • Figure out how to use to practice your coding skills as well.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice some more!

“Hashing Around”

Photo by Gabriel Sollmann on Unsplash

Rumiko Acopa

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