“Big O”?…

I would have to say I was not introduced to ‘Big O Notation’ until after I finished my bootcamp. Big O Notation is very important to understand before getting into algorithms. You will need to know both if you want to perform well on basic coding exams given to you as part of the interview process. It did not take me long to realize something was missing.

Every time I took a test for a company I ran into ?’s…

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I was looking at familiar code but the questions being asked to solve the code was beyond me. I’m not…

Ruby Got Style! Say ‘Whaaaa’!!!

One thing I struggle with and am continuously working on is how my code looks. Esthetics definitely has a different meaning for me now. LOL. I’m not cleansing someones face anymore but rather cleaning up the code by fixing whitespace or making sure I indented correctly. On a serious note though nice clean code can allow other programmers to do their job efficiently.

Snake Case

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lower case words separated by underscore

  • method names
  • variable assignments
  • 1 indentation(tab) is two spaces.

Camel Case

I built a basic authenticator 1.0 app with ruby. I was able to go over concepts like arrays, hashes and while loop. Here I have an array and each element in the array has a hash. The hash contains two elements in it a username key with the value and password value. The username and password are symbols and the values are strings.

Start with an Array of Users

users = [{ username: 'Miranda', password: 'password1' },{ username: 'Scott', password: 'password2' },{ username: 'Angela', password: 'password3' },{ username: 'Flora', password: 'password4' },{ username: 'Juan', password: 'password5' }]

I keep hearing…

My weekly coding…

This week was busy but I was able to get in some coding. My focus was on hashes.

  • Figure out how to practice your coding in ruby playground.rb
  • Figure out how to use Repl.it to practice your coding skills as well.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice some more!

“Hashing Around”

Start by creating a hash.

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{}hash_name = {'name' => 'Logan', 'favorite color' => 'Yellow'}

To access the value of the hash and figure out what is the name.


Creating a |key, value| pair

Playing In The Sandbox

One of the best ways to practice your coding skills is by playing in the sandbox, repl.it or even irb. I’ve been practicing some basic JS code for a couple days. Using the console to see real time changes vs. coding blindly definitely helps. Having “let val” will allow the value change without added work.

let val;//Number to stringval = String(777);val = String(1 + 1);
//Bool to stringval = String(true);
//Date to Stringval = String(new Date());
//Array to Stringval = String([1, 2, 3, 4]);
//toString()val = (5).toString();
//String to…

A coding life…

I am now an official Software Engineer graduate. What I have learned thus far is that we really do not know exactly what we are doing most of the time. Like most coders, I am sitting at my computer desk trying to gain more knowledge by working on side projects, extra courses and putting in that extra effort to keep going with my coding journey.

Practice Makes Perfect…well almost.. LOL

Udemy is my current situation. I purchased extra courses that are definitely worth the price to just get back to the basics and spend the time to…

A Router Library..

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A routing library for React, allows us to link to specific URLs then show or hide various components depending on which URL is displayed. Think of React Router, as a collection of navigational components that compose declaratively with your application.

To start using routes, you will need to install react-router-dom:

npm install react-router-dom

To begin implementing routes:

  • First import BrowserRouter and Route from react-router-dom.
  • BrowserRouter is commonly renamed as Router
// .src/index.js

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
// Step 1. Import react-router
import { BrowserRouter as Router, Route } from 'react-router-dom';

const Home = ()…


What is a React.Component?

Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation. Check out the official React documentation on components (Links to an external site.)

Let’s bring it down a notch..components help us keep everything organized and predictable. Each component contains a snippet of code that describes what it should render to the DOM. Pretty much like a template.

Ex. class Book extends React.Component {
render() {
return (
Dear Reader: So and So... has the perfect imagination.

export default Book;

A Book class declared extendsReact.Component which provides built…

Js journey with Rails

Anyone looking to dabble in Javascript is going to need This !

Global This

To understand how this works, we will start looking at this in different environments. Let’s start by looking at the global environment first.

- In web browsers, the window object is also the global object:
console.log(this === window); // true

a = 25;
console.log(window.a); // 25
this.c = "Crazy";
console.log(window.c) // "Crazy"
console.log(c) // "Crazy" Inside Node this is true This is not always the case though!

In a JS file .this the value of this inside a function is usually defined…

Nested Routes…Oh, the Joy!

What is a Nested Route?

One way to think about a “Nested Route” is through the has_many :through association. This is used to set up a many-to-many connection with another model. A resource that is considered logically children of other resources.

class Userhas_many :drink_ordershas_many :drinks, through: :drink_ordersendclass Drinkhas_many :drink_ordershas_many :users, through: :drink_ordersendclass DrinkOrderbelongs_to :userbelongs_to :drinkend

The point of having nested routes/resources is to help DRY (“Don't repeat yourself”) up our code, this will also keep our routes neat and pretty. Readability is super important a nested resource URL can convey…

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